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To many today. The cross is just a structure consisting of an upright and transverse piece of wood where persons in the far past were sentenced to death by the Romans. It is an emblem standing for Christianity, and when placed upside down for Satanism. It has become as any misfortune or trouble to many upon this world. It has become an encounter of silent gloominess and a means for refusing to speak. It has become to some just a symbol of lying, transversing and contrary to human secular ideologies and precepts.
The cross has become to some just a mark or symbol of intersecting lines or ideas. It has become an ornament to be displayed as a mark of distinction, and or understanding. It has become a by-word among the nations as nation rises against nation. History has shown that the cross has even been inflicted that it has become part of flags and countries marks. It is a symbol used for both good and bad. The cross is just a structure to many today.     THE CROSS TO ME!  It is just a structure also. UNTIL ONE SEES..That the Power of the Cross is the Blood shed by the Lamb of God. The Blood shed by Jesus which trickled down upon the wood. The Blood which seeped into the very structure of the wood. The Blood on the Cross is the Power of the Cross. Thus, the CROSS, THE CROSS is most precious unto me. The Blood, THE BLOOD shed just for me. Makes the POWER OF CALVARY. By Jesus Christ who died for me and for you: BEHOLD! Jesus Christ is coming quickly…Amen and Amen.
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Titled:  MAN OF GOD…..by rwv/1987 (copywriteprotected )

He was a humble man. A man which boldly spoke the truths of the Creator to the multitudes in the fields. This man of God: Cried bitterly and weeped for the pains and hurts of those he met along the roads, and the fields which he walked on a daily basis watching the gathering of listeners.

Many times: This man of God, reached out his hands to comfort and to pick up the hurting people he met along the way. God blessed this man. For this man of God lived just to serve God. And, this man of God was tender and kind. All wisdom from time itself did God give this man of God.  Including, all knowledge was granted upon this man of God. Thus, the love of the Creator flowed from the heart of this man of God.

Like all others. This man of God felt pain, hurt, hunger and even showed human anger. This man of God did tire and also slept as all men sleep. This man of God did hunger and thirsted for life spiritually each and every day. And, always did this man of God pray and talk with the Creator on a personal basis. This man of God lived to serve and to fulfill the Will of the Creator for all Creation and the things Created.

The man of God! Boldly proclaimed hidden truths, and the time of repentance and justification before the Creator to the things Created. This man of God spoke: He spoke what he heard, what he knew and what he saw from the Creator to the things Created. This man of God walked, talked and gave of himself to all those around him.

This man of God had no set home for which to lay his head in rest even while he walked the fields of harvest. Certainly, this man of God trusted in the Creator to provide all which is necessary for substance upon the earth. And, still this man of God had food and drink beyond anything available from this world.

This man of God felt cold, pain and joy. He knew lack and he knew blessings. He laughed, he cried, he was humble and exemplified. And, this man of God openly told all he knew to all who would listen. Thus, he shared his pure love with any hurting who reached out to touch the pure love of God.

This man of God: He knew all the sufferings of men and women and became partaker in them all. By his reaching out to share the simple message from the Creator to every single person who would hear. He gave invitiations to each along the way to join him in his walk with the Creator for his Creations. And, he opened all the closed doorways while breaking the locks and bars of the mind to rekindle and release the love of the Creator to all.

This man of God felt the weight of the world Created come upon his shoulders. For he knew what had had to be done. Wherefore, this simple man of God willingly did the Will of the Creator in every respect. In fact, his very own zeal for the house of the Creator brought wrath and hatred upon him for no just reason told. For this man of God had left only a trail of miracles and healing in the Name of His God everywhere he walked and talked. The fact was everyone did accept and admitted to the supernatural works of this man of God. And they even knew then and there that the Creator’s love and forgiveness, and mighty powers flowed from this man of God whom walked openly without fear among the creatures Created.

Yet! Jealously, strife and envy came against this simple man of God from those whom were hateful and determined to destroy this simple man of God whom they understood not. In fact, those calling themselves as religious men of God were the exact ones claiming they knew the Creator and were so moved to destroy this Man of God at all costs. For they heard this Man of God speaking to their hearts directly and convicting them of their sins. In fact, this Man of God stated to all: That all are sinners and that no one is a good person.

This brought the unrighteous condemnation and the killing of this simple Man of God. Every creature Created turned away from this Man of God, and fled when he was arrested. And, some turned away by personal choice more than once while this simple Man of God was being condemned: But, had done no wrong!

This Man of God was illegally convicted and then sentenced to death by hanging on a tree.

This Man of God who was sinless and blameless: Did die a horrible death by being crucified for all.

This simple Man of God was Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

He was buried in a tomb after his death on that cross for all Creation to Witness and see.
On the third day: He arose alive forevermore: THAT’S THE GUARANTEE!

There was a man of God. He walked in righteousness and was sinless before men and God Almighty. This man of God, showed mercy, compassion and forgiveness to all whom he met along the way.


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From A Sinner:
That that I wish not to do: That is what I find myself doing. It becomes very apparent to me that it is an inner battle which seems shall never end….A war within myself that battles with the forces of use and no use.   I seek, to do that which is right: Yet! I find the battle raging constantly to move towards the other side. It is worth the time and the effort to face each situation with all wisdom and openness.
     The forces of evil must be faced and detrude into complete nothingness. For it is a battle which must be won at all costs. Inner strife tears at the heart, and the mind of a man. Yet, the man seeks peace and serenity of spirit each and every day he lives upon the earth.
       Oh! The poor wretched man that I am. Self centered and forward to gain that which I sought. I battle against these forces each and every day. Only to find, that I ‘am winning the battle slowly but steadily forward to a better way. I fight and seek that that I need. By admitting and accepting that which I have done. Thus, by wisdom knowing that which was wrong, and that which is now right. It is a constant battle within myself. One which shall continue and shall remain for ever to keep me stronger.
        I perceive this war shall remain all my days upon the earth. It becomes a man’s choice on which way the battle shall flow ( or woman ). I choose to fight the good fight with God by my side. I care for that which comes from above, and wish to leave the world behind to destroy itself in time.

       Oh! How freedom is obtained? Through countless tears and humility. Suffering from within and suffering from without: Each leading to a new beginning as one feels forward to move ahead; instead of behind. Thus, with a willingness now trying to change is the ultimate goal. And, is the necessary for complete change and a newness of every perspective and all goals.  Wherein, I must not be afraid to face the future; nor to realize that mistakes do happen to all humans. It is a better human who knows their mistakes and their faults. For within that knowledge comes the ability of admit and works to change that which can be changed. Then to accept that as is.Followed by the things that they have no power to change: But, to accept that which is and remains.

       The end result: Becomes a new creature formed. A new creature with new goals and a better outlook upon one’s self, and the world at large.  Hope! Yes hope is the belief in a thing unseen; yet tried for. Hope sets the stage for a creature to begin again with freshness of spirit and faith in them self.

        All creatures re-created must put faith in God to help gain serenity of mind and peace in the knowledge from above. By allowing God’s Will to help over the ruff spots, and for the creature to apply God’s Will into and living in their life is the true FREEDOM IN JESUS CHRIST.

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 Communication is the act of actually transmitting one’s ideas and feelings into a spoken language which can be understood by another human being. It is the sharing and interchange of thoughts from inside the mind. A communicant is one who partakes by communicating ideas, thoughts and feelings into understandable words and phrases to another human being. Where-in: To impart into communication is to give or share as knowledge all thoughts, hopes and qualities via verbal transmissions of ideas. It is to make known the deepest and most internal wants and needs of one individual to another person. It can be a simple exchange of information by speech, writings or signs. The most productive and re-warding is the spoken word of communication.
Man has always had a problem with communication. Man quit talking with God. But, God has never quit communicating with man. Countries go to war because of lack of communication. Families are broken due to the inability to communicate with each other. People know so very little about each other because we fail to communicate.
God has a better way! Talking and sharing the good and the bad things of one’s own life with another: Opens the channels of communication. Man can communicate with God: For God is willing to listen every single time. Nevertheless, God has a harder time communicating with man. Because man is unable or unwilling to listen to the voice speaking. This holds true in the world today.
 People whom have been friends for years and years, or married for years in most instances really know so very little about the other person. Why? Because of lack of communication with each other. For we humans do fear to share our ideas, hopes, feelings and wants. We each need others: But a wall of no trust appears preventing the fullest openness of true communication; which said: Could lead to an understanding of how we feel.
Many know better! Yet, only a bare few find the communication Faith which produces the deepest desires and fulfills the greatest needs which each of us has. Why? Yes oh why do we allow fear, envey, strife and guilt to prevent this release? Why do we allow pride and a sense of inner protection to release to deny the skill of true communication, and the freedom it brings? Clearly, we need to understand within ourselves this deep desire. And, then to be willing to work at the skill of perfecting the ability to communicate.
Hear and understand the Simple Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: For communication comes from God and from no where else. Every skill..every need..every want..every desire..every tear..every laughter..every single day arrives in the Communications from God…………………………
Amen and Amen.
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Faith is the evidence of things not seen. It is the substance of things hoped for, and it is a gift from the Father to those upon the Earth that Love the Son. By faith, we live, stand, walk and obtain a good report. By faith we in Christ Jesus have overcome the world. Thus, we have overcome the devil and are supported in our walk with Jesus by faith. Faith is a free gift of the Holy Spirit.
 Faith produces many things in the new creatures who walk with Jesus Christ. Faith, produces hope, joy, peace, confidence and even boldness in preaching the Simplicity of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Faith is necessary in prayer, and is the evidence of the new birth in the Holy Spirit anointing and infilling.

Faith is the free gift of God. Faith is precious, fruitful and is accompanied by true repentance. Jesus Christ is the Author of Faith, and the Finisher of Faith. All scriptures are designed to produce faith in the saints. Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit indwelling and infilling.

Through faith the saints have access to God. By faith they enter into the adoption and the inheritance of the promises. Thus, through faith comes the remission of sins, justification, salvation and sanctification. By faith the Saints have spiritual light and spiritual life. Wherefore, with faith the Saints rest in Heaven, and have eternal life in the preservation through faith in Jesus Christ Our God.

SAINTS in the Body of Jesus Christ should be sincere in faith.  We are called to abound and continue in faith. For by faith we are to be strong and to stand fast..to be grounded and settled in faith. We are asked to pray for the increase of faith and by faith be fully assured of receiving faith. True faith is evidenced by it’s fruits. And, without fruits it is dead. For we are called to examine ourselves. To judge only our self as to whether faith is in our inner self. All difficulties are overcome by faith. Everything that we do on a day by day basis should be done in faith. Faith is often tried by affliction and the outcome produces patience. By faith we follow, walk and serve the Simple Gospel of Christ Jesus Our Lord God Savior. Thus, Jesus dwells in our hearts by faith. And, Jesus is precious to those having faith.

Faith is a universal characteristic of all SAINTS in the Body of Christ Jesus. And, by declaring the Word of God one is demonstrating FAITH IN ACTION. We in the Body of Christ are encouraged by faith, and through faith we should be magnified. Faith is necessary in helping the brethren and the women in bearing witness of the Simplicity of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Faith is promised from Our Lord Jesus Christ to come as a free gift from the Father to all who accept the Son, and faith is delivered by the Holy Spirit as sent by the Father. Because the Father’s Promise to the Son: Who is Christ Jesus. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and is the evidence of things not seen.
Pray for your faith to be increased!

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Forgiveness is the act of forgiving by granting a free pardon for or full remission of all acts, or claims of a person. Forgiveness is a complete willingness to forgive another human being for acts and hurts against one’s self. In forgiving the full remission and pardon for the acts is totally disposed of, and this then indicates that one has fully forgave another human being for past hurts and mistakes. Forgiveness means, one has fully forgotten and ceased to remember and unable to recall the act or acts which caused the pain and the hurt upon another. It is to no longer forgather the past mistakes forevermore. All former hurts and pains received, and or done become remembered no longer, nor brought up to reconsideration by any means.
 Forgiveness is to be unlimited for Born Anew Christians. The secular world never truly forgives. They bring up, and rehash old pains and hurts all the time. Born Anew Christians know better. They know, they are to find pure LOVE of PURE FORGIVENESS FOR ALL.

Jesus Christ set an example of forgiveness. And, forgiveness is commanded by God to all. Forgiveness is a common characteristic of saints within the Body of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for our sins: So that God’s PURE FORGIVENESS LOVE could flow upon our lives. What we forgive here on this earth: Is also forgiven by God in Heaven. Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary because it allowed the complete remission of sins to flow into the images Created by the Creator. God fully and completely forgives all sins washed by the Cleansing Blood of the Lamb, which was slain from the foundation of the world for the salvation of His Creatures Created.

Forgiveness should be accompanied by forbearance. Forbearance is the act of refraining from, to desist and cease from condemning or bringing into mind the act, or acts which caused the original pain, and or sin. Forbearance is the willingness to forget forever the wrongs done or acted upon.

Forgiveness should be accompanied by kindness. Kindness is to be gracious and with a sympathetic attitude towards another being Created by the Creator God. Kindness is loving, forgiving and no longer holds blame towards another being Created by the Creator. Kindness is being and desiring to be benevolent to even those whom you may think, or may even feel have hurt you along the way. To bring into remembrance no longer. Nor ever again the things which one has forgiven against the one they claim is forgiven.

Many today want and proclaim God’s forgiveness for their past mistakes in life. They rely on the pure forgiveness from the Blood of the Lamb Christ Jesus. Yet! Do they not wish to hear that God calls His Chosen to also forgive and forebear those upon the earth that have done wrong to them.. Even the thought that someone has done wrong to one’s self must be totally forgiven by the Commandment of Our Lord Christ Jesus while he walked the earth as MAN/GOD.  We are to forgive as we are forgiven by God. We are not to keep rehashing the pain, or the hurt which we feel, or have felt that another has done against us. We must find the same compassion and forgiveness which God has forgiven us through the Blood of the Lamb. For: We directly reject the Forgiveness of God if we fail to forgive others for their transgressions against us. If we fail to completely give and grant a full pardon: Then how can we expect a full pardon from God? We are commanded to forgive others as God has forgiven us for all our transgressions against Him.

One who fails, and or rejects to forgive others here on earth, as commanded by God, and spoken by the mouth of Jesus. Shall indeed not be able to flow in the FULL ANOINTING AND PURE LOVE POWER OF GOD. For that would circumvent all scripture. And, scripture cannot be broken. Yet! This person is yet saved in Christ Jesus: But! The PURE ANOINTING of the HOLY GHOST can not flow through this person because of their own UN-forgiveness towards another creature Created by the Creator.

Hear the meat of the Word of God!  Leave the milk behind: Children….Forgive as you have been forgiven. Reach into all faith to forget the act or acts, as God has forgotten the act or acts against Him. Find love, kindness and forbearance for all whom you think or feel have ever transgressed against you. FIND THE MUSTARD SEED OF PURE FORGIVENESS. For when you discover the Simple Gospel of Christ Jesus:

PREPARE:  JESUS CHRIST IS COMING…………………………..Amen and Amen
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By Trulee Wells:

How does one explain a series of books that have totally opened the Holy Scriptures? Brought the freedom unto one’s self exactly as Jesus Christ of Nazareth explained? A fantastic guide to my Bible Studies!

The changes and perspectives I now have in the Gospel are fantastic. I feel refreshed and fully aware of the Gospel as Jesus intended it to be.

Mr. Vincent’s HRAY-MAH series has brought me to WALKING WITH JESUS every single moment in the easiest way exactly as told by Our Savior.

Jesus did live for me and Jesus did die for me: AND, Jesus arose from the grave exactly as was foretold: I was a prisoner upon this earth: Now I am free upon this earth. I cannot thank this author enough for showing me how to go back to my very own bible and see what is actually written there. I keep asking myself: How did I miss these things? I find the answer was also easy…I followed the pulpit rather than the simple Word.

Mr. Vincent also known as pabear48 has over this time become my close friend. His books have given me insight into the Life of Christ and the knowledge of the Simplicity of the Gospel Message that Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave to the entire Creation as the Living Son of God whom is God.

Every professing Christian should read the HRAY-MAH series of books.

Do you know the PRAYERS Jesus asked His followers to pray besides the Lord’s Prayer?  There are 7 of them in the New Testament.

Blessings…….Annlee…..Amen and Selah

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The Ultimate question of Humanity?
Is why did God Create?

If we view this as a child would? The only answer is God was alone.
Alone at a beginning where only God himself existed. A time before the creation of the angels. And, God was simply alone.
Imagine being totally alone? Truly, empty!

Then some time in the absolute past God choose to Create the Spirit Beings we now call angels. The first was the most beautiful named Lucifer.
The entity that decided he should be as God and sit upon the Throne of Creation. Still, God felt alone!

We know this because God then choose to Create the Heavens and the Earth including the entire expanding Universe as we see it today. All from an instant thought we sometimes refer to as “The Big Bang Theory”.

Nevertheless, even after this choice of Creation. God still felt alone!

And, we know a Great war broke out in Heaven as Lucifer went against God and the Spirit Angels fought the Great War explained in the Scriptures. And, yet God still felt alone!

Lucifer was defeated along with those who joined him and cast down upon the created Earth. His name now changed to Satan, and given Earth as his domain. And, yet God still felt alone!

God then choose to Create Adam and the Garden of Eden on the Earth even though the Earth was the domain of Satan by God’s Decree. Still God felt alone!

But, God talked with Adam and started to not feel alone.

Unto Adam The Lord God saw he needed a mate. Someone to talk to so Adam would not feel alone. So God choose to Create woman for Adam.
By scripture we understand God then also talked to Adam and to his mate. God did not feel as lonely as he did in time before.

So the answer is simple!
God Created because God was alone.
We are that which was Created, So easy a child can understand it.

We are alone without God.
God so Loves Us that he would die for us. And, in fact did.
God so wants us that he took all our faults upon himself.
God does not want us to live alone as God knows what alone means.
Accept The Savior and never ever walk alone again.
Ask, Jesus Christ of Nazareth into your life TODAY.
That simple!

Written by:
A servant of the Lord
(@2015)Copy Protected
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Arkansas City, Kansas

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