The Buffalo Moon:

 Many moons ago when the first stones were formed:

 The Father brought forth the acorn and then the squirrels.

 Along with many beasts of the fields and flyers of the air:

 Which included the Great Eagle to bare its wings on high.

 Along this path were left droplets that some say were the tears?

Which fell from the sky and created all the waters and some were

Made salty and bitter and now known as the Oceans of Mother Earth.

And some fell upon the lands and brought alive all that grows.

 Upon the lands the squirrels did roam and play upon were grasses so

High that no one could see except the Great Eagle flying on high.

Even the First created could see not above the grasses height.

This saddened Mother Earth who is the care-taker of land and sky.

 The Great Bear tried to see and was not able!

Raccoon and coyote along with the turtles simply did not try to see!

The light of day shed no aid even while on the pathways of life.

A wee one cried out “Why cannot we see above the grasses?”

Mother Earth heard the cry and also wept to the sky Father.

 In compassion the Father took more of the first stones and threw them

From His Hand, and was formed what Today we see as the moon on high.

Now the First could see within the dark for the very first time:

Sadly, the wee one cried out “ I still cannot see above the grasses at night?”

Mother earth heard the cry and ……………

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I am Wha-O Chee (Bear Standing )

[ of the Mide manido (“Grand Medicine spirit”) ] {Eternal Medicine


And I share to the Nations that which I have received


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