The celebration was great! Friday the actual temperature hit 120 with a heat index higher…it was blistering hot until a small weather front moved in at evening and lowered the temperature to a cooler 98
Saturday was also hot and went to around 109 actual temp and extreme humidity due to the light rain Friday evening. All was going great until around 9 pm when a wind burst hit the entire grounds estimated wind speed in excess of 60mph and damaged every venders tents and booths except mine. My booth took the wind burst but the items on the display tables blew out all over the grounds. I watched as hundreds of beautiful earrings went flying into the wind along with many other crafted items. Many many brothers and sisters picked them up and returned them to us and some including the Police staff helped us bring down the booth and pack everything all away. It was a disaster to say the least. We did not return for Sunday!

After returning home Saturday night late: Sunday morning we unpacked with the help of friends with products everywhere…we reset them up at our store displays……Inventoried….and discovered only 4 pairs of earrings stayed with the winds….Everything else had made it back to the store.
We find this was remarkable and not expected by us….Thank you Creator!


Kaw Nation Pow Wow

AUGUST   ((((Check Internet for Dates))))


ON KAW LAKE, Oklahoma   

Kaw City, OK 74641

 Friday starts at 7pm

Saturday starts at 2pm

Sunday starts at  2pm

 Food concessions • Arts and crafts space available

Vendors contact Donna Villa 417-364-5782

Camping spaces available • Not responsible for accidents

All persons on site are subject to the laws of Kaw Nation •

Hosted by Kaw Cultural Committee • Sponsored by Kaw Nation

Engage in conversations and ask questions?  Learn about Native Culture and Traditions.

Bring the children to experience the events and the sharing.

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts will be there!  Come and visit our native crafts styled items like earrings, chokers, belts, hat-bands, rattles, dream-catchers, Dance Fans, medicine bags and medicine pouches, bracelets, necklaces, and Ceremonial White Sage will be available, and a whole lot more.

We will also be sharing how to make natural vine dream catchers and seed beading jewelry at the Pow Wow.

A fun and enjoyable event for the entire family to enjoy!

Please remember? When you are at a pow wow and you do see a seed beaded item you would like to try beading ask for permission first?  As many are family treasures handed down generation upon generation. You will discover the Native American wearing the items usually is open and honored that you would like to re-create the finished product. Mass production to-day has filled the world with seed beaded items that appear as those we create for Regalia. The difference is easy if you examine the quality of the stitching and of course ask the one selling the item if they can craft the identical items pattern with YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS?

This simple test is needed even at booths within the pow wows as many booths carry the mass produced seed beading items but do not do the actual seed beaded crafting them self.

At every pow wow in my booths we always keep many projects being worked upon on display for people to see we are Real Genuine Seed Bead Craft artist and can make their choice of colored beads into every pattern we display in a finished product.

You have found a real craft artist  today! 

Visit our online craft store at:  Family Jewels and Silver