Only you can protect your computer systems from the “embed attackers”.

Security Expert Robert Vincent will explain how YOU CAN STOP THEM when they hit your system, and prevent them from entering and eating away your entire windows system right before your eyes!

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This just may be the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION of the year. Share it with everyone: We all need to know?

Because they are not a virus, not a bad cookie and not malware per say: That is why all virus malware protection applications CANNOT STOP THE EMBED HACKER ATTACKER. modules: But, only you can! If you learn how you can stop them from entering your system.

Please share the link to this lens sharing to help your friends and family in understanding who, what, how and why ONLY they can protect their desktops, tablets and on the go computers.

This knowledge is shared freely to all that desire understanding and a way to protect their systems!

They are a “Direct Hacker” entering your system because you granted permission for them to enter and once inside they take total control of your entire computers system.

Read and learn! And, please share the link with everyone you know.
Last updated: February 25th 2014


You alone can Save your System

The news is informing everyone of a new malware?The DNS Changer Malware?
Scaring many and bringing in tons of income  as people scared try buying a fix or protection.?
While DNS Malware is real….it’s targets are the SERVERS and not home computers. But, it does hit at home also!
Simply follow the advice below as it APPLIES TO ALL MALWARE EMBED ATTACKERS.
DNS CHANGING MALWARE is no worse that all the rest listed.Remember the basic rule: 99.99 percent of all Malware comes from when you use any search engine and then CLICK THE PAGE LINK
and I show you how to protect from those false links. ( They are false because they create a duplicate page and add their malware auto inserts on that false page)DNS is not NEW! It was first created about 4 or 5 years ago…this is simply the same one being resent out.
Protect yourself as you should from all Malware with my simple instructions and your good common sense.
You alone can Protect Your Systems!Update:

Once more I was right on and they were not. Ask your self why they scared so many Americans?
How much did many spend trying to protect their systems?
Then remember share this lens with everyone you know! Learn security for FREE. Right here!


Another new one is out there attacking Windows7 systems.

It calls itself: Windows Anit-Virus Rampart

Acts like Microsoft Security Center

Attacks and Deactivates your entire system…It is totally fake…DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY! THEY WILL DRAIN YOUR CARD.

Made by FakeVimes Family………Fake program MALWARE

Watch out for fake virus alerts!

Embed Attackers also use security software, and it does appears to be beneficial from a security perspective to the average internet user. However, it clearly is NO GOOD AT ALL.

They do not do anything but go for your system and your money. And the applications continue to hit you with itself, and they provide very limited or no security. But, they do generate erroneous “FALSE” alerts, AND TO GET YOU TO PAY FOR THE APPLICATION.

EMBED ATTACK UNITS are made by rogue software designers to create legitimate looking pop-up windows that advertise security update software. They are not real except the part of DESTROYING YOUR ENTIRE SYSTEM.

Embed Attack Modules also do all of the following instantly when they attach.

Some use social engineering to steal your data.

Install malware that can go undetected as it steals your personal password.

Launch itself with false or misleading alerts.

Slow your computer or corrupt files. Changes the Registry. Turns off Virus Apps.

Disables Windows updates and/or may also disable updates to legitimate antivirus software.

Prevent you from visiting antivirus vendor websites.

Embed Attack units may also attempt to spoof the Microsoft security update process or deny access to it.

They also shut down in many instances SYSTEM RESTORE ( XP, VISTA ) So far not in Windows7 ? But, expect it to happen as they modify their applications.

I am sorry to inform you use OF THIS!

However, we did repair a hit system today by USING SYSTEM RESTORE……going back 10 days and it appears to have repaired that computers system. We also did a full cleanup after restoring it. We used on startup the F8 key to use SAFE MODE…In Safe Mode we cleaned up IE by shutting down the add on using MANAGE ADD ONS…..DISABLED THEM…THEN USED system restore. Upon restart the unit did not appear and Microsoft Security unit did come back, We then use MRT.EXE for another clean up.

Will write more if needed…….Bob

Update:……..Yet another one has now been detected: The module says:
Microsoft Security has detected some errors and must run a scan ………STOP…TOUCH NO KEY…COLD BOOT DOWN!
This is an “embed hacker attacker”……you can protect your systems!

Computer Tips by pabear48: (( I will update as new ones are discovered ))
My free information can save your systems if you learn the steps you need to do to protect your windows system.

The Internet grows and expands every single day. Your enjoyment and the safety for you now depends on knowledge you learn to protect your home system or even your laptop while surfing, exploring and enjoying the entire Internet.

Sadly: There are people out there determined to extract your personal information and if possible steal your identity or simply use methods trying to have you “buy” an item under the guise it will protect you and your system. They are attack hackers willing to destroy your computers and they destroy your entire widows system because you granted them permission!.

There are many virus’s and Trojans out there. Many companies that sell applications they say will protect you and some free ones that say the same. Malware dos applications ARE NOT A VIRUS! They are not a Trojan! They are an attack application!

More specifically “Embed Hackers Attack” auto insert modules are the worst of all of them!

Mcafee, Nortons, Microsoft One Care, Microsoft Defender, Spy Bot and EVEN ALL POPUP STOPPERS

Anti Virus known now as THINK POINT and as Best Virus is absolutely the worst hacker attacker out there and is an Embed Attack Malware Type Unit . IT WILL LITERALLY EAT YOUR SYSTEM piece by piece once it has installed it self in your working system. The hackers that create this make false pages of real sites and then the search engines guide you to them. One click to view and your hit!

More bad people are soon going to be using this same type and style attack module and only you can learn what to do and share this with everyone that uses the computers at home or even at work because even firewalls can not stop this unit. It is used to sell you a product: But their product does not work either? They simply drain your accounts of money! Period.

Thier attack module is granted 100 ,percent access because when you go to a page or click any link from any search engine where they have attached this ATTACK APPLICATION: You by clicking (you yourself) then grant permission for the link to open Therefore YOU GRANTED permission for ALL THINGS ON THAT PAGE TO ACTIVATE AS IT OPENS IN YOUR WINDOW. That is why and how it can appear!

YOU CAN STOP the Embed Attack Module!


If while your surfing or goggling and get hit when you click a link to a page by XPAntivirus2008 or 2009, or Pro Version: or the newest BEST VIRUS, and NEW one called Alpha: 2010 also called now Security Tool or now as THINK POINT and their box opens and appears on your screen: Security Tool has now been made worse in that if the new version hits you and locks in it will stop SYSTEM RESTORE from working: Unless you bypass the applications working.

Many have asked what I would do and to share it!

First………..Do not click their box: click no where: STOP

Instead STOP……touch no key and do not click the mouse: Simply restart your computer with the ON OFF BUTTON doing what is called a “COLD BOOT DOWN”……..DO NOTHING ELSE except a cold boot down ASAP
Your system will shut them down this way:
Upon restart:

Once on desktop. Go Control Panel. Internet Options. Open and clear out all caches (Internet Explorer): If using other browsers (make a short cut to its cleaning options in settings of the browser) then you can click that short cut and clean the browser of choice you use (when needed).
Now use disk cleaner…..Restart……Now use disk cleaner once more and use also the top option tab to use the system restore cleaner unit……restart and once on desktop make a new restore point saying like CLEANED MALWARE OUT….restart….that is it!

You are NOW clean and once more safe from this vicious invader.

Hope this aids those who requested and others interested to be safe: Learning how to guard: That is exactly what this writing is about and explaining how easy you can stop them properly so they do not get a registry entry: It is important to learn this easy way! Why?
Because many more companies are getting ready for drop sale markers. Exactly as this company has done because no law against them doing it. AND, no program can stop their hitting you if you bring up any site they have actively linked to auto set:

IF YOU DID NOT STOP and accidentally did click anywhere?

There is one LAST DITCH EFFORT that may work?

If it is caught quickly!

There may be a way?

I will try explaining it fully step by step:

1. Shut down the unit
2. Upon start up start tapping the F8 Key
3. When the target board appears: Use the arrow keys to scroll to START IN SAFE MODE-without networking.

4. When your Main Page appears then go to System Restore: .Choose a restore point before the date of the attack and highlight and restore.

5. When system restarts and returns to main desktop .use Disk Clean up tool. Then make a NEW RESTORE POINT: Now use disk cleanup once more and this time click the top tab options and the Bottom choice should be clean out or clean up system restore points (these must be cleaned out) because the embed attack program is in there. Now the system will now clean itself. On Vista cleanup files means CLEAN SYSTEM RESTORE POINTS OUT!

6. Restart: It should automatically do its thing and bring you back to desktop and the attacker should be gone.

I hope this works for you: We have saved many computers doing it this way before it attaches deeper into the drives. If this does not work..then Factory Restore will accomplish the task 100 percent: But, this is an option that works 98 percent of the time if we can catch it quick.


No program removes them!
This method works on any invader. And it makes your system safe after a hit. If you follow it exactly!

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How they do it?

By pabear48

I was asked to explain “HOW they do the attack”?I will try explaining it as simple as I can: Which high lights again: WHY ONLY YOU can protect your computer SYSTEM.Every time you activate any page? On that page are the security descriptors, the fields and the attachments: Attachments are like the ads or the pop up modules which are embedded into the coding of the page. The problem is you probably got to that site via a search and then a click to view it. And, it is a FAKE COPY OF THE REAL SITE….With the attack module activated to auto install when the page is loaded by you.

When you “click” to open any page whether a direct lick or via a Search Engine search and then you decide to click a link from the search:
1. By clicking: You gave permission for that page to connect with YOUR COMPUTER
2. By clicking you granted total permission for all attachments to connect with your computer.
a. This connection allows entering your RAM and there by entering your system and Hard Drive.

3. The “Embed Attacker” has coded scripts.
a. Goes directly to the Registries
1. First shuts down any and all Virus Programs
2. Shuts down security and opens a port in the Fire Wall
3. Attaches three interconnected modules to the Browser you are using: They use three which if you can find and deactivate one then the other two reinstall the one deactivated automatic . Once attached they are easy to view: But impossible for the normal user to remove them all at once, and few experts can either once they are embedded. Each unit has from 5 to 9 extra registries attached and now embedded to the hard drive itself. From that point they begin eating away at the system piece by piece.
4. Kills system restore which is its main target.
Lastly, no application exists as of yet that can REVERSE AND FIX without a Main Restore or Factory Restore if they become embedded. UPDATE: SpyBot Search and Destroy newest version is now taking on Virtumonde.sci

And, no application exist that can Protect you 100 percent! Except yourself!

That is why sharing this information with all your friends and family is so very important. My directions work and have saved thousands of systems ONLY BECAUSE the users had the knowledge of what to do BY READING.

Sadly, sometimes they still get through for one jiggles the mouse a tid-bit when the POPUP pops open….That is all it takes to grant 100 percent permission.

I have a great friend! He knows what to do…but, his hands shake and we have had to re-build his system many times for him because he jiggles the mouse some times.

Read very carefully !!!!

By pabear48…..Read before trying!

There is something else you can do that adds more time to protect yourself when surfing the internet and or using search engines? But, please read and re-read until you understand how to use this information yourself.I suggest printing this out!
We have received many e-mails thanking us for adding this to our lens sharing, and that people have been able to follow the directions we have tried our best to make as simple but complete as we can! Thank you to those whom have contacted us about this portion of the lens sharing…pabear48Learning to use the “KEYS” works…and takes patience! Must be done for clicking all links on any web page as well to allow the link to open.
It took me almost a week to get my fingers doing the KEYS automatically, Practice! That was a long time ago and it is now normal procedure and so easy I pay no attention doing it. Took Annlee four days to master using the KEYS and protecting her system.
*************************I have not shared this because many people we know simply ignore the instructions or because they get tired of having to use the “ctrl” and “alt” keys.

Nevertheless, I have been asked to share this information and now shall.

1. In your browser set the POP UP STOPPER to it’s highest setting.
To do this click TOOLS and then click INTERNET OPTIONS and then PRIVACY……You will then see the POPUP STOPPER unit…click it’s settings button: Now set to the highest using the tab choice button. Click the APPLY button and finally click the OK button.
( If you cannot in the future learn using the KEYS you can reset this popup back in seconds)

2. This new setting will now prevent any and all pop ups from popping.

As you go to your favorite sites or games to use them at times you must hold down the “ctrl” and or also the “alt” key to allow that page to activate a link or a module ( like a game ) or a (box unit)

You allow then the pop up because you KNOW THE SITE, AND Trust the Site. You can set your browser’s pop up stopper to always allow that particular site and then do not need to always use the “ctrl” and or “alt” keys. You do this by clicking first TOOLS and then Popup Blocker and then click POPUP Blocker Settings….copy and paste the site url you wish to always allow pop ups from and not using the KEYS. But, here is why it helps: In Search Engines!

Ok, you searched an item and now the page displays all the sites you can go to and or explore and learn even more about what you searched for: If your pop up stopper is set AT HIGHEST SETTING:

Then when you click the search link a strange thing happens you can actually see with your eyes..?

Learning this is the key!

The link starts loading like all do but it “LOADS REAL SLOW” .
That is the indication you can see!
CLOSE THE BROWSER PERIOD! You stopped the “embed Attacker”

This is not a perfect solution of protection: But, it also does work!

The real indication comes when the UNITS APPEAR ON SCREEN, and then most of the time it is simply to late without the right knowledge of what to do or people jump and move their mouse (that grants permission to evade the system)

I have thought hard about adding this information because even friends whom we explained it to and then have tried it and a few friends quickly became tired of using the “ctrl” and “alt” keys when needed. Having to use this extra step to protect their systems was just to much bother for them they said. So they lowered their browser Pop Up Stopper from MAX and were then open to full attack.

Sadly, we have had to re do many of their computers back to factory and they loose everything personal on the system: You cannot burn or save anything once the embed attacker has attached or it simply attaches to the burned items and invades once more the next clean system you drop the items unto. Understand this if nothing more? They attach to the Registry System in multiple places immediately when they enter the system. Each registry entry protects the other entries. (( In other words…you find one and actually delete it from the system…the OTHERS replace it right after you delete it. This process of replacement never ends))

This is why I have really thought about sharing this added way?
But, have decided each person can decide for their own systems and internet usage if they want added time of protection from SEARCH
RESULTS because we all use the search engines: Including me!

Watch for that SLOW LOAD

This is not 100 percent protection? Just another level of added protection.

Pabear48………Updated January 2016

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