Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool.


This is a great and safe application to learn How to Use.

We have all seen Microsoft Update installing updates for this

Tool to use in finding and correcting problems from bad apps.


The problem my friends is few know How to Use it?


To activate the unit:


Click on your start button icon.


Then click the RUN tab


Now type in the box:  MRT.EXE


The application unit will now open up.


Click NEXT


You have choices: Quick scan…Full Scan…Customized scan


Normally all you will ever use is the QUICK SCAN


But, once every month Run the FULL SCAN just before you head to bed because it takes a very long time and will be sitting there done in

the morning.


RUN THE SCAN……..If it finds anything simply follow it’s suggestions and directions. If not close and enjoy your system.

IF it did find things…Remember after a restart…MAKE A RESTORE POINT…and then clean out all OLD RESTORE POINTS


MRT.EXE  is worth the effort to learn How to Use !





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