Fix that Annoying Security Warning in IE 8

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This security warning can be changed to disable it!  You can do it!  Easy.

On the popup box itself no matter how many times you say yes or no: It will not remember your choice, and still will continually popup while you surf the web.

However, you can disable this mixed content warning in Internet Explorer. The warning itself simply means the web page has secure items and unsecure items usually in images or other elements hosted on a non-https location within the web page your viewing that is a secure HTTPS connection.

If you would like to disable this security warning forever, go to Tools: Then to Internet Options and select the Security tab. Make sure the “Internet” zone is selected and then click the “Custom Level” button. Scroll-down the list of options and set the “Display mixed content” setting from “Prompt” to “Enable.”

This change does not hurt your system nor make it more unsafe if you always use simple common sense while surfing the web.

Learning  how to make choices on your computer is just gaining the information and then choice.

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