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Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts is a Division Business

About Annlee:

I enjoy beading and crafts to display at the Pow Wows. Many of my creations are my own design: However, designs also are influenced by Pow Wow Regalia and other designs for the Circle from friends and people I meet along My Walk. None of my designs are copy protected so I invite any bead artist  to enjoy making them if you desire. Native American Regalia is unique upon each individual, and some patterns are handed down family member to family member, and are displayed at the Pow Wows! If I see a bead pattern at a Pow Wow: I talk to the individual and get their permission to bead the pattern to the best of my ability: Before, simply just trying to copy it! That is the Native American Way!!

I also repair Regalia Items that may become damaged at a Pow Wow. In this regard I have had the Honor of repairing the Staff Eagle Feather, and other Eagle Feathers owned by members. This is a great honor!

At the Pow Wows’ I also fix any Regalia item which needs repair for the Dancers such as fans, earrings,necklaces,clothing and beaded items


Tradition explains to us that Clans, Tribes and Nations did War against each other: Thus the War Parties!

Pow Wows were the Native American people’s way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and to make new ones between the Clans, Tribes and Nations. At a Pow Wow no weapons of War were allowed save for the knife. Warriors were not allowed to fight in physical combat.

The Warriors Dance arrived as a challenge back and forth as a mocking war between all in the Circle ( a taunting ). This Tradition is Still with us Today: On many reservations the Warriors Dance is private to registered members of the Tribe and Special people they invite. NO CAMERAS are allowed for the Warriors Dance, and this must be respected by all attending.

A Pow Wow is a time to renew thought of the old ways and to preserve a rich heritage. It is a sharing of stories, items exchanged and the feeding of all attending from the hunt and prosperity of the Tribe holding the Pow Wow. Friend or foe all were always fed! Fires were lit and dotted the night skies! Stories were told and sharing of good hunts.

****Annlee Cakes Privacy Pledge****

We take your privacy seriously! We use your information to fill your order and/or answer your questions and concerns, and to send information regarding your purchase.

WE NEVER sell or trade your information WHATSOEVER.

WE do not supply your information to ANY ONE, but for receipts, transfers and those things dealing solely with your purchase and or concerns. We take your privacy seriously!

Please Note:

We display many items on line: These items are also displayed at our Arkansas City, Kansas Store, and go to our vender booths at Pow Wows: We take care to update the products offered here as sold if we sell them at the Main Store or at a Pow Wow as quickly as we can. If any item is gone DUE TO THIS, and we cannot ship the EXACT ITEM you may have purchased while we were away at a Pow Wow: We will notify you of this situation, and we will NOT ACCEPT and/or Confirm THE ORDER,and if needed shall ASAP credit back your card used if the order was charged to you beyond our control. We are a small Family Business and believe honesty between a store and customers is essential. We are not like any other store on the Internet! We are INTERACTIVE with every customer!

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