No Housework Day in the USA

April 7th of every year. A perfect day to shop instead and let that housework alone.

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A few flowers could be a good idea this day?

The USA No Housework Day is your chance to do anything, except housework.

We suggest a great day to think of fine jewelry?

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When first joined they said sharing on housework was fair?

How long did that last?

Remember, jewelry lasts and lasts from year to year. Besides, YOU deserve jewelry.

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Maybe a gemstone ring?

With or without diamonds.

And a ring is not a household appliance?

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If you normally do the housework around the house, cease and desist for this day. 

Instead, kick back and enjoy the day. Relax and do anything, except housework.

If you are a spouse or significant other, do the housework for your mate. It gives her (or him) a break from the housework. And, you just might get an appreciation of how much work it takes to keep up the house. And, get some jewelry to remind them you do care and appreciate all they do.

No Housework Day is your right not to do clothes,

and expect to be taken out for a great meal. Down with dishes today!

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Today!  Tell them all to go fly a kite while you decline every form of housework.

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Think of it this way?

If you had a nickle for every dish washed? A quarter for every time you vacuumed?

A penny for hanging up a towel? A dime for making a bed? A dollar for every meal served?

You would have a pot of gold.

And, the right to buy some fine jewelry.

Like a ring or a pair of earrings.

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