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No Brainer day is February 27th.

National Day for every one!
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How low? It’s a “NO BRAINER”

Well, isn’t this one interesting?

By definition a “no- brainer” is doing something that is simple, easy, obvious and/or totally logical.

Today is a day to do all of those types of no brainer tasks and activities. If it is a project that will require thinking, studying, or analyzing anything, then it’s not the chore for you today.

Some no-brainer activities that we do every day, simply because they don’t require deliberate decisions to do them – would be breathing, swallowing, blinking, sneezing or yawing.

A no Brainer in poker is being dealt a Royal Flush in your first five cards. Thus, a “NO BRAINER HAND”

Buy at what the jewelers buy at! That simple. Thus, a “NO BRAINER PRICE”
Why pay more? Buy direct jewelry and save today.

Example: Our Diamond Ring for just $49……………Suggested Retail is $99 to $ 179

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