First made in 1777

Pepper Pot Soup was first made on December 29, 1777 as requested

by General Washington to lift the spirits of his men, and the cook for the army

created this hot and spicy for the dinner meal.

It has since been called “The soup that won the War”.

Back then tripe was a main ingredient of this soup:

Today many use any type beef or chicken.

In fact, it is simply a peppery stew!   That simple.

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Serve it with hot home made bread!

On December 29th at Family Jewels we shall be a cooking Pepper Pot Soup.

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Make Pepper Pot Soup ( Stew ) IN A CROCK POT

2 lbs. stew meat
4 or 5 hot banana peppers ( We also like adding some PEPPER CORNS like in 1777 )
3 med. onions, quartered
5 med. potatoes, quartered
2 med. or 1 lg. sweet pepper, sliced
1 lg. can tomato sauce  (We prefer pre cooking real tomatoes–Mashing and then to the pot )

You may also add any of these?

Carrots, celery, rutabagas and even diced up cabbage.  Try various ways to find the one you enjoy best.

Place stew meat in bottom of crock pot, sprinkle with salt. Layer onions, potatoes and sweet pepper slices. Drape hot banana peppers over all other ingredients. Pour tomato sauce over top. Cover and cook in crock pot for 6-8 hours. 

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