Dear Americans:

The Voice of the People asks?

The question is not if your Republican, Independent or Democratic. Or if your going to vote by a party?

The question is where is The United States of America?

Where has respect gone for American Citizens?
Why are the same few still controlling and taking apart our Nation?
Why are they monitoring us? Every call and your movements and your finances and more.
Why are they using fear to control you?
Why is the silent majority remaining silent?
Where is The Constitution of The United States?

Many speak the American Dream?

But, with some every action tears it down.

Why? Start asking the questions!

Why was a well respected General found guilty but others do not even face what they have done? Who, what and how are they being protected from behind the hidden doors?

Have you ever read how to bring down the USA?
Our present President wrote it, and appears to be following it line by line. Google it and read for your self. Wake up!

Ask the questions no one is addressing?
Like where is the ammunition for our military?
Who is removing it with a stroke of a hidden pen?
And, then ask your self WHY?

Americans do not like going to war. But, reality is poking at us every single minute. Bad forces with one goal which is attacking and destroying the USA. But the hidden agenda is what we should be looking at that is ripping our Country apart piece by piece. Maybe the video did it? Do you really accept that?

Or ask why we are not bombing ISIS into the ground?
Why are we not giving ISIS “Shock and Awe”?
Air strikes around the clock do save boots on the ground. But when the planes need permission after finding a target and may or may not get it for many hours? Then airstrikes do nothing that they should be doing. Who is playing at defeating ISIS with words, rather that defeating ISIS?
Wake up America!

Rather instead we are making deals with Iran who supports terrorists around the World and hates the USA as well as Israel and every Christian. Are we now allies with Russia, Syria, Cuba and Iran? Ask questions and demand answers!
We are a Country of Rules and Laws…However, those Rules and Laws are not equally applied to a select few who are in office or trying to be again in office to rule you rather than applying the Rules and Laws equally to all Americans.
A few in minority are running the majority..That is true!

It is time to awake!

Open your eyes and start seeing what is going on..and, ask WHY. The hidden agenda is behind the WHY?

Your single vote is your most powerful right in the USA.

Vote with knowledge known and searched out by you.
Do not simply vote by any specific party?
Vote because you know how to vote by your own mind, beliefs, knowledge and understanding with OPEN EYES.

The United States of America is and remains the Greatest Country ever formed in the history of the World. An experiment formed with the concept that All are Created Equal and All are Treated Equal under our Rules and Laws and protected by The Constitution if they are American Citizens. Not one word in The Constitution states or suggests it is to be applied to anyone who is not an American Citizen. And that my friends is a fact!

No terrorist has any rights under our Constitution.
No ISIS member has any rights under our Constitution.
No country in the world has any rights under our Constitution.

It is your Constitution and Vote for that.

Thanks for reading, Bob