Christmas present blow out! 

Unique! Great gift idea!

Santa loves Ant Hill Jewelry

Santa suggests give her the very best Ant Hill Jewelry.

Ant Hill Jewelry fro Family Jewels

From deep in the earth we dig out those red garnets for Larry.

Buy ant hill jewelry for Christmas

Like a rose is a rose? So is an ant hill garnet an ant hill garnet.

Here come the ants:
Limited supply so order early.
Here come the ants!
Ant hill gemstone jewelry from Family Jewels.
Think of them like this?

Christmas ant hill jewelry from Family Jewels
First the ants must find one in their way?
Second they must move it out of the nest?
Third it must rain to wash the stones down the hills?
Fourth someone must hand collect them?
Fifth they must be washed and polished?
Sixth is the large ones hand cut into gem stones?
Seventh: Cut gemstones are then added to fine jewelry.
All this costs time, energy and money!
Except for the ants.

Ant Hill Red Garnets from Family Jewels

Red garnets are very beautiful.

We have a limited amount of finished Ant Hill Red Garnet fine jewelry at this time ready for Christmas.

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May your Turkey Day be a day of gathering and memories shared.

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Christmas ant hill jewelry by Family Jewels

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