World’s rarest pear cab  gemstone.

Rarest finished Pear Cabochon  with Genuine Gold Matrix

This gem remains what it is based ONLY that the Matrix is Genuine Vein Gold.

That is what makes it rare and a One-of-a-Kind….Genuine Gold Vein Matrix

Gemologists are awed that such gemstones even existed.

This gemstone has been tested three time so far that the Gold Matrix is Genuine.

The rarity is exciting!  Brokers and collectors along with gem experts are excited.

This gemstone:

Gold Matrix Pear Cabochon

Carats: 33.77

Length: 30.22mm

Width: 20.44mm

Depth top to flat bottom: 7.09mm

Yes,  natural gold vein matrix.

This just may be  the rarest specimen in the World.

Being brokered by Family Jewels and Silver Inc.  in Great Bend, Kansas

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