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One of the best programs to protect your computing system come from Microsoft and is called Windows Malicious Removal Tool or in short MRT

This unit is downloaded from Microsoft Updates using the “custom” mode scan. Allow it to install!

MRT only works for you WHEN YOU HAND ACTIVATE IT
It does not work automatically…Ever

Here is how to use it: Always update it before running.

Click start….go to the RUN tab
Open the run box
Type in in capital letters; MRT.EXE

This will activate the MRT executive application.
when it is first run. This will take hours so run before going to bed.
After this first run you may use the fast scan button:
Just a few minutes.

When it is finished running:
Follow its suggestions.
Allow it to remove anything it may find?
BECAUSE if it finds something it is an INTRUDER…PERIOD!

MRT.EXE should be run ONCE A MONTH
Remember it must be hand run.
You must do it….You must do it once a month at least.
It is your computer and you must decide to learn how to protect it.

Good computing: pabear48

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