In the beginning all was dark and void?

The Ultimate question of Humanity?
Is why did God Create?

If we view this as a child would?
The only answer is God was alone.
Alone at a beginning where only God himself existed.
A time before the creation of the angels. And, God was simply alone.

Imagine being totally alone? Truly, empty!

Then some time in the absolute past God choose to Create the Spirit Beings we now call angels. The first was the most beautiful named Lucifer.

The entity that decided he should be as God and sit upon the Throne of Creation. Still, God felt alone!

We know this because God then choose to Create the Heavens and the Earth including the entire expanding Universe as we see it today. All from an instant thought we sometimes refer to as “The Big Bang Theory”.

Nevertheless, even after this choice of Creation.
God still felt alone!

And, we know a Great war broke out in Heaven as Lucifer went against God and the Spirit Angels fought the Great War explained in the Scriptures. And, yet God still felt alone!

Lucifer was defeated along with those who joined him and cast down upon the created Earth. His name now changed to Satan, and given Earth as his domain. And, yet God still felt alone!

God then choose to Create Adam and the Garden of Eden on the Earth even though the Earth was the domain of Satan by God’s Decree. Still God felt alone!

But, God talked with Adam and started to not feel alone.

Unto Adam The Lord God saw he needed a mate. Someone to talk to so Adam would not feel alone. So God choose to Create woman for Adam.

By scripture we understand God then also talked to Adam and to his mate. God did not feel as lonely as he did in time before.

So the answer is simple!
God Created because God was alone.
We are that which was Created,
So easy a child can understand it.

We are alone without God.
God so Loves Us that he would die for us. And, in fact did.
God so wants us that he took all our faults upon himself.
God does not want us to live alone as God knows what alone means.

Accept The Savior and never ever walk alone again.
Ask, Jesus Christ of Nazareth into your life TODAY.
That simple!

Written by:
A servant of the Lord
(@2015)Copy Protected
Bear Cave Systems
Arkansas City, Kansas

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