Ant Hill Red Garnets do make very beautiful jewelry.

Ant Hill Garnets are normally found on and around the margins of ant hills. The ants encounter the garnets while excavating their underground passages. The ants haul the stones to the surface and discard them. The rain washes the garnets clean and moves them down the flank of the ant hill, where they can accumulate and be discovered.

Native Americans discovered them long ago and marveled at their color and beauty. They regarded them as sacred and special. Sometimes they sewed them into ceremonial rattles or gave them as tokens of appreciation or added them to their medicine bag as a gift from Mother Earth.

Ant Hill Garnets have a deep red color and are beautiful as well as special added to pieces of jewelry. Especially for the Native American Indians.

They have a rare few uncut and fully Natural Ant Hill Garnets that we have polished and are ready to add as is to a custom piece of jewelry for our customers who believe they are Sacred and Special. Or for one’s medicine bag if desired. Theirs come from Arizona! And we design some fine finished jewelry with hand cut Ant Hill Gemstones.

antandastoneWonders if they want just a plain ole rock today?

Ant Hill Red Garnet Gem Basic Information
Structure: Cubic
Hardness: 7.25
Specific Gravity: 3.8
Refractive index: 1.72

Larry from Family Jewels and Silver says:

Think of them like this?
First the ants must find one in their way?
Second they must move it out of the nest?
Third it must rain to wash the stones down the hills?
Fourth someone must hand collect them?
Fifth they must be washed and polished?
Sixth is the large ones chosen to be hand cut into gem stones?
Seventh: Those cut gemstones are then added to fine jewelry.
All this costs time, energy and money! Except for the ants.

They have a limited amount of finished Ant Hill Red Garnet fine jewelry at this time.

Ant Hill Red Garnets from Family Jewels


Natural Ant Hill Red Garnets