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Gemstones can be a hedge against a depression or recessions.

If they are of high quality. 

Diamonds for instance have been used for trading and as a currency for thousands of years and even today. Just remember, the quality is the key and the more rare the more they hold value and/or increase in value. Diamonds that are Certified not only hold their value, but normally increase in value over the years. 

Investing in gemstones is like holding hard currency  when economies collapse.

Another example would be American mined turquoise which is going higher every year because the mines are closed and no more is available in the turquoise people desire for jewelry. American turquoise is what is left by holders and wholesale dealers. Turquoise from other Nations is out there? But, a slim few rare ones are great for long term investment? American turquoise is the right way to go.

The hedge against inflation is knowing go for the larger gemstones rather than the small ones used in jewelry. 

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Precious gemstones and certified diamonds are respected throughout the world for their value, rarity and transportability. Throughout the centuries people have continued to hold precious gemstones for investment and security from recessions World wide. Highly portable and easy to hold.

Precious gemstones have historically been an excellent hedge against inflation, because their prices tends to rise when the cost of living increases.And, even if they decrease caused by deflation: They quickly increase when the economies start to stabilize. It is a win win for the investor!

Deflation is a period in which prices decrease, business activity slows and the economy is burdened by excessive debt. Sounds like what is around us Today? Even if the Government denies it is here. We all see with clear eyes what has happened in Greece this month. Gemstones remain the hedge against deflation.

Quality gemstones are an important part of a well balanced and diversified investment portfolio. 

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