Made in the USA silver jewelry Great Bend, KansasWe support our Military and their families.

Family Jewels wishes everyone a fun and safe 4th of July Celebration.

And, remember America was fought for and many over the centuries have died for.

Think of that the next time you go to vote the same people in term after term?

Freindly Jewelry Store in Great Bend, KansasAnd the rockets red glare!

The bombs bursting in air!

Gave proof that Our Flag was still there!

Jewellry manufacturer in Great Bend, Kansas Support a strong Military

Drop on down at our store in Great Bend and discover our “Big Bang Sale” event?

Family Jewels and Silver Inc.
1911 Lakin Avenue
Great Bend, Ks 67530
Phone: 620-796-2252

We are a full line fine Jewelry Store

We have over one million carats of gemstones or gemstone lots including diamonds,sapphires, emeralds, rubies and semi-precious gemstones or choose gemstone jewelry made for you in sterling silver or in gold. Your choice of course. We are the manufacturer of fine jewelry in Great Bend, Kansas. And, we are the direct importer that provides loose gemstones to jewelers. Fact!

We are the manufacturer of silver and gold jewelry. Made in the USA!

Wedding rings? You Dream it!…We create it…That simple!

We say! Buy where the jewelers buy from…That is us!

Wholesale loose gemstones in Great Bend

Family Jewels Wholesale DiamondsDid you know we repair all fine jewelry?


We buy:
Old engagement rings and wedding rings paid with cash.

Family Jewels and Silver Inc. will buy your diamonds.

Have broken jewelry with diamonds? We buy diamonds.
Antique jewelry with diamonds? WE PAY CASH.

We buy silver and gold every day.
Broken chains, cracked jewelry or even missing stones?
WE BUY DIAMONDS, silver and gold.

We also buy vintage Native American silver jewelry.

Fast service and a friendly jeweler always available to assist.

Old bands broken? We buy them!
Rings with stones missing? We buy them!

Loose gemstone wholesaler in Great Bend

We also buy vintage Native American Jewelry and Regalia.

Did you know we can repair beaded Native American Regalia?  We can and we do.