Wholesale Certified Diamonds

Certified Diamonds Wholesale at Family Jewels and Silver Inc,

We are the wholesale provider to the jewelers.

We offer the finest Certified Loose single diamonds wholesale to our customers.

And, we can design a total finished ring or pendant that you desire.

Great Bend Jewelry Wholesaler

Wholesale Certified single diamonds

We will describe each diamond in the details a fine jeweler can fully understand in our diamond section.

We do not keep these diamonds at our Store.

They are in the bank vault. 

So please allow us at least 72 hours to 96 hours to ship one ordered by phone only.

These are a no return item because they are fully certified and totally described.

All diamonds have either a GIA, IGI  or EGL Certificate.

Great Bend Jewelry Store

The diamonds CANNOT be bought through our cart system.

The Notice box on each one says SORRY OUT OF STOCK

Because they are not a cart item available through auto-check out.

Click the one you want more information on.

Use a phone call to order. 620-796-2252 Ask for Larry

The “sorry out of stock” in the preview panes is sight activated.

When one is sold and no longer available?

The preview photo will look like this.

Wholesale Certified Diamonds at Family Jewels

Great Bend Jewelry Store