Picnic Day in Great Bend Kansas

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Did you know Picnic Day at Family Jewels is always held on July 4th?

Americans love their picnics!
And the perfect picnic is held in beautiful surroundings like lakes or parks with your family in attendance. Many picnics are simply great romantic adventures and the perfect time to “pop the question” and reveal the ring. At Family Jewels we know the ring must be exactly what you desire. And we make those perfect rings “One at a Time”.

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What is a picnic?
Historians tell us picnics evolved from the traditions of outdoor feasts first enjoyed by the wealthy. Many were held during hunting feasts, Renaissance-era country banquets, and Victorian garden parties lay the foundation for today’s leisurely pleasure we now call simply: A picnic! . Americans know them today as an activity held around a campfire or around the outdoor cookers. Even a BBQ in the back yard is considered a picnic! Hot dogs and hamburgers are the staple along with fried chicken and salads. And, a cold drink of one’s favorite beverage aids the picnic sharing. Of course it is the spirit of the picnic rather than the food itself that holds the deepest meaning. Unless as we are all the time: Hungry!

Great Bend Jewelry Store

The Fourth of July picnic allows us to send up “Rockets of Red Glare and Bombs bursting in air” while munching down a leg of golden fried crispy chicken and some coleslaw on the side. For we Americans love a picnic and add that to our National 4th of July Celebration is a perfect picnic indeed.

Great Bend Jewelry StoreIf, the ants stay away that is?

We are your picnic ring jeweler!

Great Bend Jewelry Store

Our gemstones are always as described, and at the best value from a true wholesale gemstone dealer.

All across America and in other countries jewelers consistently buy loose gemstones from us daily. Our motto is Satisfaction Guaranteed on every single sale. Our competitive retail offerings are based from our ability to be the best wholesale gem dealer in Kansas. And, we also offer large bulk purchasing by phone.

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Is best said: “With an engagement ring from Family Jewels”


Have a fun and safe 4th of July picnic.

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