Americans should be asking them self?

Why should we buy American Made when we can?

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Could it be we have a Congress that is unwilling or unable to debate and correct our Laws?

Could it be we have a President who would rather form a “Revolution” concept rather than build up America?

Could it be? WE THE PEOPLE….HAVE SIMPLY FORGOTTEN…We are the United States of America!

We the people: With out us there is no Government…nor an operational Country.

We the people: Who have failed by reelecting people to Congress term after term after term.

Maybe elected office to Congress should be exactly like the Presidents Term? 8 years in a life time.

Maybe WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO START THE PROCESS and try buying American Made when we can?

Simply because only we can fix the economy. 

Americans can boycott what Congress and the President have failed to protect?

Our economy! And, that means they all have failed us as elected officials sworn to protect the Constitution.

We believe at Family Jewels that we can fix our economy with just  one ring at a time. IT IS A START!

We believe at Family Jewels that YOU our Fellow Americans can fix our economy.

We believe ONLY the citizens of the USA can start the “Ball Rolling” to really fix the economy.

Cut the chains of products rolling in from Countries that in truth simply DO NOT LIKE US.

Force Congress and the President to reform the entire IRS Tax System into a simple fixed system for all.

Great Bend Jewelry Store

Support our Military with any item they need to be the Number One Force for Peace, or War if needed.

Right now: Our military is being stripped and is the 17th in size around the World. We were number one.

ISIS beheaded Americans, and what did we really do after that?

Iran is running for the Atomic Bomb and no one is stopping them?

Answer reality with your honest heart.

We are THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE…Let your voice be heard.

We of course do not have all the answers that need to changed to re-build our Country.

But, it has to start some where?

We say: Buy American Made. Build our economy “One ring at a time”

Great Bend Jewelry Store

Great Bend Jewelry Store

It is time my fellow Americans?

Time we awake!

Time we stand up as One Nation under God again.

It is time we start buying Made in the USA every time we can.

It is time we cut the chain store links to China and Korea and Countries that simply do not like us.

It is time: We rebuild our Nation’s Economy one ring at a time.

We are an American Owned and Operated Business located in Great Bend, Kansas

We believe in the Constitution of the United States of America

We believe in the Bill of Rights

We still believe Americans will AWAKE and rebuild our Country.

And as fine jewelers: We believe it can be done ONE RING AT A TIME.

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