National Fishing Day is held on June 18th each year.

At Family Jewels we say it is a good day to go out and bring home a fresh batch of fish to fry. And, a time to spend with family. Or a day to teach the little ones how to catch a fish?


Finding a jeweler is kinda like going out fishing?

Did you find the right lake?

Know exactly what your fishing for?

At Family Jewels there are no surprises? We are fine jewelers with an in house Gemologist.

And, we carry over One Million carats of gems every day.

We tried to discover who originated Fishing Day?

We knocked on hundreds of doors.

We spoke to thousands of fishermen.

We traveled across the country and finally found the right house.

The problem was the sign on the door!

“Sorry not home–Gone Fishing”


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Fisherman Larry

A Fish Story by author pabear48

Old Man vs Giant Squid

No one remembers when the old man went down to the dock to fish in the Squid Ocean fishing that evening before the midnight arrival of Halloween. But some say the fault was his alone for he wanted to take on a Giant Squid?

The Squid Ocean was as green as the hills of Dover and the moon lit the still waters as not a wisp of wind was blowing. The old man could see far into the Squid Ocean and saw the gigantic tentacles lifting from the waters and playing with the sea.

He baited his big hook with little tid-bits that some say a Giant Squid simply cannot resist. Into the green Squid Ocean he threw his line and hook and bait as far out from the dock you see?

An eerie stillness came over the waters as clouds began to form. The water foamed where the Giant Squid was playing! The old man moved his line ever closer you see. His hands were knurled from years of pulling in his catch and scars from the razor sharp knifes used to clean and prepare the meat for dinner.

Some say the Old Man never saw the clouds change nor heard the winds cry for his hearing was not as good as it once was before World War Three.

Far to the left and about a quarter mile back the lines were close to the Giant Squid a playing. Old Man watched as the Giant Squid snapped the bait and lines went taught and the fight was taking place. Man against Nature!

The biggest-baddest Giant Squid in all of Squid Ocean was on the line and tentacles cracking the green waters as foam began to fly. Old Man had hooked the Giant Squid of legend that drew ships to his belly and sailors to their watery graves for time after time. Tentacles 200 feet long were used to wrap a ship as the beak which was 5 feet in nature ripped the wood ships apart as they sailed the green colored Squid Ocean trying to make a mark upon the sea. They say ten thousand sailors had seen their day?

It was now Old Man’s turn to play! He pulled and pulled you see at a line like a rope in size and eyes deep green kept watch as the biggest-baddest Giant Squid raced away.

Old Man was not so tall and smaller than one might think? He stood not over 5 foot tall, but with arms as strong as steel from years of fishing the green Squid Ocean.

The battle raged! Clearly, Old Man had taken upon his flight to much Giant Squid this eerie still calm night? Giant Squid it appeared was going to have yet another sailor to eat you see.

The winds cried louder and the clouds changed to forms. The ocean foamed as tentacles reached out to end the battle of Nature and an Old Man of the sea.

One could see the sneaky smile of the Giant Squid as it knew the end was near for the Old Man and it’s eyes saw the beak reward and meal closer and closer it swam now not away but came forth right after the Old Man of the Sea.

It was near midnight and at the stroke of twelve arrived Halloween upon the green Squid Ocean. On raged the battle and Old Man was loosing the fight for now his life? For the biggest-baddest Giant Squid was winning.

The Old Man never saw as ten thousand souls arose at the stroke of Halloween and revenge was their goal and the ending of a rein? They all grabbed the biggest-baddest Giant Squid and held it in the air until Hallows Death appeared because it could no longer breathe. Limp to the line it fell and Old Man now saw and heard:

“Fishing on Halloween can be one’s downfall” said ten thousand sailor friends.