Our friends at Family Jewels announcing new copper jewelry.

Here at Family Jewels we listen to our customers!

We listen to our customers!

The history of Native American Indians using copper is interesting.

Native American Indians and the Old Copper culture appeared about 3000 BC and lasted approximately 2,000 years. Its tools and weapons, particularly its adzes, gouges, and axes, clearly indicate an adaptation to the forest.

“Old Copper” culture that flourished in the upper Great Lakes region of North America beginning about 4000 BC and continuing over the course of the next 2,000 years.

Clearly, copper was a metal the Natives liked and used. But, one must muse they stayed away from the shinny yellow metal we all know as gold. Even the use of silver did not start until the eighteenth century.

Copper was used for utensils, working tools and even for weapons. They also used them for decoration and making early jewelry. Copper had a close meaning with Mother Earth.

We have been requested to cast some beautiful copper jewelry, charms and pendants.

As I write this article the first casting molds are in progress, and we will add a section to our web store once they are finished.

We thank our friends for suggesting our making some copper jewelry for their Regalia.

Larry McDilda

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