Native American Indian Flutes in Great Bend, Kansas

Sometimes, flute music was also used for a dance?

Most of the time they were singing and for prayers.

And, for different dances and spirit calling ceremonies.

Believe it or not?

Our Government banned all Indians from playing, using or having a flute in old treaties. FACT!

Imagine, would that be like banning the display of the Cross or the word God to Americans today?

In the early 1900’s the flute, it’s Traditional use and the music began to reappear Nation Wide.

Our friends at:

Family Jewels and Silver Inc. are honored to offer to the public
hand crafted Traditional Native American Indian Flutes.
Crafted by “Long Hair”, and each flute is signed with his trademark.

They have a very limited number to offer.
This is due to the age and ability of Darrel to continue his crafting of flutes.
Time is passing and this is why few are available to offer for sale.

The flute was and remains an integral part of the Heritage of the Indians.
Used for many different rights by tradition.

Every flute has it’s own voice. No two are ever alike!

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