Our friends at Family Jewels and Silver Inc. in Great Bend, Ks

Jewelry casting is their business in Great Bend, Kansas

Silver casting is their specialty as well as gold and platinum.
All made in the USA in beautiful downtown Great Bend, Kansas.

Family Jewels and Silver Inc.
1911 Lakin Avenue
Great Bend, Ks 67530
Phone: 620-796-2252
They are top notch custom jewelry manufacturers with 40 years of experience in gold and silver casting processes and production, combined with our vast knowledge of the jewelry casting industry. They offer molds, findings, waxes and supplies to professional designers and jewelers around the world. And, their finished wholesale jewelry!

For forty years their certified gemologist and fine jeweler has produced the beautiful products they offer in their brick and mortar jewelry store as well as on the Internet.
Visit us at: Family Jewels and Silver Inc.

They  have years of custom designing wedding rings with gorgeous diamonds. Jewelry for every one!
Larry is always straight forward with every customer. Integrity as a jeweler is very important to him daily.
Jewelry design and manufacturing the old hands on way is his passion as a fine jeweler.

They always try hard to describe every item we offer online and with photos. They admit we are not a professional photographer; and they try not using photo place cards (which are high end bought pictures of jewelry for display)((we admit they look great on the sites that use them)) But, in many cases they are not the actual item being offered for sale online. Their photos are actual of the item being offered for sale. So they do take our own photos and try making them so you may use the zoom feature and see them closer up. Sometimes they goof these up and catch it a bit later?
Sorry for that! They are simply human.

Nevertheless, they “KNOW JEWELRY” and we absolutely know gemstones.
We are a Gemologist GG

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