October at Annlee Cakes is becoming another exciting month? I have been looming some Special Order items and they have become a first adventure using a larger bead inserted with smaller beads to create and design a wedding hair piece to match a wedding beaded necklace.  Visit our Wedding Shop

We are still recovering from the 167 year old “Strep Bug Attack”.  Doctors state my eyes may take another three months before they fully heal behind the eye lids. I figure that is far better than when the bug took my eye sight for over 15 days!  We highly suggest you read about the strep bug attack, and gain knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially if you collect old leathers and or Native American Indian Regalia. Read  at STREP BUG

Our powwow booths at White Cloud went very well, and the excitement of being adopted by the Grandson of Chief White Cloud was unexpected and a great honor to Annlee.  We also acquired three beautiful Iroquois raised 3D beaded items that are now offered in our shops. They are exceptional and await a new owner to wear them into the Great Circle. Visit: Annlee Cakes Crafts Shop    And, see them under sections Barrettes and Women Dance.

Iroquois Star Barrette

Information Shared: About the leathers we use most of the time.

Smoked Brain Tanned Leather

Please Note?…We use Genuine Traditional Brain Tanned leathers which are hand tanned the old ways. Brain tanned leather has a smell that only real Brain Tanned Leather has because Natural Brain Tanning also emulsifies the leather with wood smoke bring the Traditional smell we all recognize. Brain tanned leathers hold that smell for generations. We also cleanse all finished items with Ceremonial Smoke from the White Sage as a Traditional Cleansing. Information:  Any odors come from the above Brain Tanning and Sage Cleansing.



The Arkansas City Halloween Witch is roaming the countryside. Casting spells to design beautiful gifts and gadgets, and home and office decor for Halloween decorating. Also clothing for the entire family! As well as hundreds of useful products to make Halloween more special for everyone. You are invited to come and explore our Halloween Section.  Bear Charms and More Halloween Witch

Arkansas City Witch

Blessings:  Annlee and #pabear48