The Native American Indian pipe is one of the most mysterious things known in the World.

One could call it the God of Peace and War? Or the connection of Spirit between the realms of Life and Death?

The sacred pipe is used to link the world of everyday existence with the spirit world through prayers. During the Traditonal pipe ceremony it is believed that the person praying with the pipe becomes the connection to the sacred world of manifestation below and the sacred world of above. The pipe is symbolic and is the way to achieve the connection to both Realms.

When people pray with the pipe, it is their responsibility to pray for all the people both living and those passed on. For they are all joined together in the pipe as one Spirit. The smoke is offered in a prayer of gratitude for the gifts and Wisdom we have received from the Great Grandfather.

As the smoke rises, it is intended to carry the prayers to the Great Spirit and makes the Spiritual connection.

Within the pipe is placed a personal mixture of tobacco and others things of personal choice which creates what we call Kinikinic. One main additive is normally Bear Berry Leaves.

So how does a pipe itself become Sacred?

First cleansed and then used in a prayer…That simple!



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