Vintage Beaded Hatband

Pattern is Traditional
Diamond Back Rattler

This came out of an estate sale. It needed help?

We totally restored all missing beads and added end caps and ties.

Ready for the Great Circle.
Cleansed with White Sage.

This would make a great display for a museum, a collection or for Regalia Today.

Age? Early 1930’s….Some bead shades have not been sold for over 70 years. We were able to match these beads because of the very large vintage selection of beads we carry for restoring Regalia for museums and collections.

Length: 25 1/2 inches
Ties: Duel ties at 6 1/2 inches each:
Width Beaded: A hair under 1 inch inches
End caps: Cream Tanned Deerskin—Very supple and soft.
End caps have been attached and hand stitched.

Ties could be removed if desired to sew hat band to hat.

Restored by Annlee

Diamond Back Hatband for that perfect hat. Just went online at our shops.

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