An exciting day!

Today,  Trulees  new book titled NATIVE AMERICAN TRADITIONS 2014
is published and available to the public.

A sharing about Native American traditions, culture and pow wows and the Fire Ring stories.Sharing the etiquette and respect with the reasoning’s and whys in a “Simple Fashion” from our Walk upon the pathways set before us each day. The information is right on to Traditions, Culture and Ceremonies. And is detailed in Traditions which are thousands of years of heritage Culture of the Native American Indians. Informational for all ages!

E-PDF Immediate Download for just $ 1.99
You can also print it out once you have the download if desired.
Size: 55 8×11 pages which is about 300 plus pages on a Kindle

Our Informational Guide of Tradition
1. Wah-O-Cha-Ni Standing ( shares ) Aka Annlee
2. Dream Catchers “The Legend”
3. Medicine Earring Symbols shared
4. Picture Stones
5. Fire Rings and the Native Americans
6. Odds and Ends about Traditions
Stories from around the Fire Rings
Wisdom begins with an action: Learning by reading is an action.
Tradition needs a SEED to GROW———Plant a seed in a young one today.

You are invited to come take a PEEK?



Mugwa, Annlee