We now have the very hard to find Twisted Bugle Bead 30mm Red Transparent Iris bugle beads available at our online shop. ONE OUNCE of the above bead/bugle. Twisted bugle beads are very popular for embroidery and costumes. They were made in the Czech Republic. Natives have used them on their Regalia ever since they first were brought for trade and crafting. We package them in pill type bottles for transportation to you. Bugles are delicate and in transit a couple may even chip. So we take the greatest care to add stuffing if needed in the bottles to prevent movement while in transit. SOLD BY THE OUNCE ONLY. We do not count the beads/bugles: We weigh them! Expect to receive approximately 3 bugle 30mm beads per gram, or that is about 99 plus bugle 30mm bugle beads per ounce.

Please allow 3-7 business days for shipping on beads/bugles Because we do not prepackage them. We do order by order. Blessings….Annlee and Bob

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