September is a fun filled month because we have our largest two pow wow booth events.

White Cloud and Standing Bear are very large Native American Indian events, and we enjoy them very much including entering the Great Circle to dance. Sure would be nice if you all could be there?

We are excited to see how everyone at them likes our new long drop seed beaded earrings and the designs we have crafted into them? New Regalia ideas are always fun to see people’s reactions. Because Regalia choices are a very personal choice for each individual. That is why we do try crafting hundreds and hundreds of different styles and colors and even designs. And, of course any item a person sees, but desires it in different color combination is a Special Order we are able to craft exactly as they desire the finished product to be.

Take a peek at our Craft Store:

 Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Our Halloween Witch decorations are now finished for the arrival of the Halloween Holiday.

A great touch to your Halloween decor at home or in the office. A neat gift idea! The Halloween Witch will add motivation and fun to all the Holiday events, and is funny and witchy. The Witch will warm those toasty hearts during Halloween and bring smiles to everyone. And, in comic design she is even more funny!

The witch of Halloween is fun and cute for the entire family to get into the Halloween Holiday events, A perfect gift idea!

In fact, we have two wonderful online shops for Halloween and each carries some products the other does not. So have fun exploring both Halloween Shops.

Bear Cave System Shop


Bear Charms and More Shop

May you have a Happy halloween when it arrives!