July is always a fun month for us, as we prepare for our booths at the Pow Wows and plan a great fun filled 4Th of July.

Kansas heat wave with no rain is taking it’s toll upon our gardens, 😦

Our CafePress Shops are growing by leaps and bounds! 🙂
The products we offer are designed with the exclusive Art Paintings of Arkansas City, Kansas artist/author Robert William Vincent (aka) pabear48 and are ONLY available from Annlee Cakes World Wide. A beautiful line of art designed clothing for the entire family as well as useful drink ware, auto items and home and office decor. Our 2012 Election section has motivational and great comic art.

You are invited to come and explore:


Our Native Crafts shop is also expanding! We have the honor of offering Native American Hand-Crafted Flutes by Long Hair. Each is signed. He has been crafting them for over 50 years.

We are honored to offer BONE ART: By David Back
The culture of the Native American decorated many bones with drawings they applied. To-day artists with modern inks are able to re-create the native art and some artists like David Back have created their own distinctive bone Art pieces.

Annlee Cakes is proud to offer for the first time the beautiful bone art of David Back. While we have taken care to take pictures no photo is like holding the finished bone art creation and seeing with human eyes. The photos can be viewed at our Native Crafts.

Special Limited Time Offer:
At CHECKOUT….Enter this special code: POWWOW2012
And, you will receive an immediate 10 percent off any purchase over $ 100 or more.
Save To-day! Savings could be as high as $ 24,000 plus on some Art Originals?

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts


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