Let’s sit right down..Have a picnic together, and share stories written by me: I am Pabear and my stories are interesting and unusual at times. So let us begin with a picnic atmosphere around the campfire.




One wonders when this war had begun? It seems like ages ago when they first arrived and the war began. My thoughts now center on the injuries sustained while fighting off the last attacks. My hands are numb and full of tiny blisters itching and causing great discomfort. My eyes water and the tear ducts are as running rivers flowing briskly down my face. Blood oozing from the injuries reminds me they shall never give up the war they began, and yet I must win the race.

It was a peaceful sun filled morning before the war began. Birds were singing and squirrels playing with acorns across the land. Gentle winds turned and twisted the leaves which glistened in the sun as the morning dew began to dry. It was a beautiful morning for a picnic down by the Old Mill Stream.

With a basket filled with the wonders of deviled eggs and roasted chicken breasts. A jar of honey for the sweet breads freshly made in the cool of the evening yesterday. Oh..How yesterday seems so far away this moment. If I would have known then: What I know now..I would have stayed in bed and let the war pass by. 

The first attack was foolish and unplanned as I sat unknowingly and unaware that war was soon at hand. It’s as if from a daze I was awakened and knew war was at hand. I fought immediately in hand to hand combat. However their forces began to arrive in droves and luckily for me I had brought weapons along without thinking to use them at war. I smashed their heads with a furry never seen before. My hands moved like lightning in the wind protecting me from their blows. It was impossible to stop them as my strength was failing as they unceasingly kept attacking. I killed them. They lay at my feet and yet more kept coming. No end seemed in sight.

I was bleeding but was it only my blood? Certainly the enemy’s blood was upon my hand, my arms and even splattered upon my face. I felt the pains which grew as their forces moved for the forth attack. I tried standing my ground once more. Yes! I tried but lost in the end. Mosquitoes are terrible at a picnic.      

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