Many thousands and thousands of moons ago one Tribe of the First People Nation were called the Ojibwa and lived in the cold country along Thunder Bay and in Minnesota and among the people was a great Chief who had wisdom and knowledge because he traveled long ways in his hunting years and while he learned to Walk Silent among the trees and upon Mother Earth following his vision to collect only certain seeds that spoke to him. He was from a great birth that many whom were there still remember to this day.

He was a respected Warrior and a Great Hunter. When his time to be named arrived: He was named Thunder Hawk from the area he was born and the Hawk which flew and sat then watching his birth upon the World.

Many moons passed and Thunder Hawk aged as all people do in the passage of time upon Mother Earth. Thunder Hawks once jet black hair was now white as the snows of winter that appears each year upon the people. His bow hung upon his teepee and the arrows appeared well worn. In the corner stood his Great Staff and that is one more story of a tale?

He had aged into the years of about 99 as counted by the moons of passing and his eyes watched the coming of the Owl which would for tell his time of passing had come.

Knowing time was closing Thunder Hawk called his son Night Hawk to his teepee and asked him to sit and listen to that which Thunder Hawk had to say.

With hands a bit shaky and lacking the strength of a young Warrior the very wise old man reached under his ground bed and brought out a well worn and very old deerskin medicine bag which he had carried from his 12th year to To-Day.

Thunder Hawk placed the well worn bag with frayed edges and signs of wear into the right hand of his son Night Hawk and spoke Ti-Baki-Enane which means my days are few. My son take my medicine bag and when you are out of my site and beyond my teepee sitting in the woods of the land: Open it!

Thunder Hawk continued speaking to his son and stated,

In this medicine bag my son you shall discover special seeds which through my vision Mother Earth brought me to find when they spoke to me. From distances beyond the eyes and farther than the crow flies I have fulfilled my Vision Quest as required by Creator. Now I need you my son to take care of them and do now that which I tell you to do in Honor of my Memory within your heart.

From this day every time a new child is born upon the People you shall plant one of my vision seeds into Mother Earth. Then great gift trees will come to pass and The People shall build their abode from the great trees and wood from these in moons further shall become vessels that flow upon waters as I have seen in my Vision and The People shall prosper in this great gift if you do as your Father requests?

My Father, I shall follow what you ask and I shall honor thy word. And, I shall plant the seeds you have gathered to complete your Vision Quest granted by the Creator and guided by Mother Earth.

Night Hawk watched as his Fathers eyes closed for the last time, and Night Hawk wept as only a warrior can weep.

Night Hawk left his fathers teepee and went out into the world going camp to camp of the tribe to see when a child was born. For each child born he planted a Vision Seed in Honor and Respect of his Fathers Word.

Soon giant and wonderful Great White Pines filled the landscape as far as eyes could see. Night Hawk watched them grow and when they reached the sky each formed new pine cones and he now gathered them and kept renewing the vision seeds in Honor of his Father and this went on for many many moons beyond count ability for the numbers soared as new babies were born upon the Nation.

Many moons passed and Night Hawk aged as all people do in the passage of time upon Mother Earth. Night Hawks once jet black hair was now white as the snows of winter that appears each year upon the people.

Night Hawk was sleeping one night in his teepee when he was shaken and awakened by the sound of many thunders rumbling in his ears. Opening his eyes he saw a glow and bright light shining down upon his face of 500 years upon Mother Earth. And then he saw them!

Standing next to his bow he saw the Spirit of his Father and next to him were two other Spirits of Warrior Chiefs.

Night Hawk listened as he heard a soft voice from his Fathers Spirit speak words spoken unto him.

My faithful son Night Hawk has kept his promise upon the Honor and Respect requested by me, and we are all well pleased in your Silent Walk planting the seeds of the Great White Pine. We are aware you gave all to accomplish this task and have not known the joy of sons or daughters or even a single place to hang your bow.

 Hear me now my son! We three have come to give you a great work to do and ask you to once more Honor and Respect the words of your Father.

Tonight upon Mother Earth the Greatest Child ever born will be born in a far away land where only the wood vessels shall one day travel that I saw in my vision and shared with you 500 years ago.

Now pick the finest seed that you have and travel in speed to the highest hill you can discover and plant it immediately in Mother Earth so that all men of the Nation and all women of the Nation may see the tree that grows from that seed and then the world itself shall wonder. The words of Thunder Hawk are ended!

Night Hawk watched as all Three Spirits walked out of his teepee and it became dark and silent inside the teepee.

Then he arose and started walking to Thunder Hill which was the tallest hill he knew of in all of his years Walking Silent. And, upon this hill he planted the finest seed he had!

The seed started to grow immediately when covered with some soft earth, and it grew 20 times faster than any tree can grow and in days had become taller than any Great White Pine upon all of Mother Earth. In fact, it was so tall that even the night stars hung upon its boughs and the moon seemed to always make it glow as waters and wind tendered it the things of life.

Night Hawk watched this thing, and when the tree was as tall as it could grow: Night Hawk closed his eyes for the last time while sitting his back upon the tree.

Our story does not end here?

Many moons passed and people cut down the tree into wood beams for vessels to sail the great salt waters to far away lands. The vessels arrived and sold the wood to the traders. The traders sold the wood beams to the Romans who then one day made a cross for a Child that had become a man!

 This story was told long before any Bible was ever written and is what it is and what it was told around the Winter Fires. Believe it or not?

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