Yesterday was interesting when discussing my Online Native American Craft store with a customer that discovered the MAIN WEBSITE link on my Merchant Circle Listing. She suggested sharing about it on my Merchant Circle Blog and my Super Blog.

My online stores were created very recently and are a new adventure as my buisness is expanding. I started over 20 years ago with Annlee Cakes by creating and making Wedding Cakes fresh and the Old fashioned way of all hand crafted designs. In 2009 I opened new divisions of Annlee Cakes.

Annlee Cakes
Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts
Annlee Cakes Art Division representing Arkansas City Artist Robert Vincent
Annlee cakes Book Division representing Arkansas City Author Robert Vincent

In 2010 we expanded to the Internet with  Online Stores.

My online stores are SSL Encrypted for safety and customer security at ALL TIMES.

We are creating store sites that are “Active and Interactive” with all our customers. Which simply means every customer can contact us with any questions, ideas or concerns almost instantly. While we carry many beautiful hand crafted earrings almost all are one-of-a-kinds crafted by myself so you will see only 1 is for sale in the quantity box for avalilability to purchase.

On line my stores accept:

Our Web Stores are  Secure by Geo Trust

And even Google Checkout

And via Pay Pal

Your Security in Shopping is GUARANTEED

Signed: Trulee Wells CEO

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