Ioway Tribe Pow Wow 2010 Fall Encampment White Cloud, Kansas

 Mugwa and Witsatdogi to all my readers.

 That is to say Hello and Many Blessings!!

 We just returned from the 2010 Fall Encampment of the Ioway Tribe at the Baxoje Pow Wow Grounds near White Cloud, Kansas. It was such a Wonderful Blessing as we pulled in to the grounds.  Just to know we will be seeing Family and Friends and the enjoy the Spirits of the Elders as we gather together. This year the Ioway Tribe made an addition to the grounds, a New Community Activity Building.  With a promise of more improvements in the coming years.

 After we set up the booth and our camp we watched as one by one as arrived, fellow vendors and  friends.  First to arrive was Jackson. A good natured Man who enjoys life and spreads cheer to everyone he talks to.  He is always a good source to go to for a spare bead, a needle or any aid when needed.

 Then a surprise occurred. Our Friends that we met last year arrived. They were at the Teaching Drum in front of our booth last year and they said that they would not make it back this year: Lo and behold! There they were!… Tony and Tracy, all the way from Alabama!! I was so excited!  They camped near by and that just made it a double Blessing.

 My sister and her boyfriend came with us this year. It was her first full Pow wow that she has ever attended. She was able to see the Regalia and the friendship of all that camped and shared Traditions.

 The biggest Blessing was yet to come.  I have always worn my regalia on the Saturday. I was asked to register and dance in the Grand Entrees.  Such an Honor by request was unexpected and a great blessing.

 The fried bread was delicious and as remembered how Grandmothers made it. I had a few!

 I was also gifted with a new wing to make another Dance Fan and this was a very personal gift from a Warrior.

 As the Pow Wow wound down we watched as everyone left, with well wishes and lots of hugs. Knowing that next year we will see them again.

 Would have been nice if you all could have been there to.


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